HydraCAD for Autocad training

Class Description:

This class will cover HydraCAD drawing tools and utilities, 3D risers, system elevation for coordination. We'll also use AutoCalc to generate hydraulic calculations, and AutoList to generate material stock lists.

Our focus will be on how the Hydratec programs function and how to use them effectively and efficiently by taking advantage of shortcuts and built-in automated tools. Little time will be spent on sprinkler theory.

Training Includes:

  • 1 live one hour preparation session
  • 5 live, 2½ hour on-line sessions
  • 1 additional live session for follow up and Q&A
  • Access each recorded session
  • Quizes and/or reviewed homework assignments
  • Access to the material presented in class for review and practice

Recommended Prerequisites:

  • HydraCAD for AutoCAD and some familiarity with HydraCALC and HydraLIST
  • Some sprinkler design experience
  • Basic understanding of NFPA standards

Registration ends Friday May 6th at Noon.

Agenda & Schedule

Dates Available:

  • No classes Scheduled.

Training Objectives:

  • This class will prepare the student to:
    • Externally reference an architect's plan into a HydraCAD template
    • Layout a simple tree and gridded sprinkler system using manual and automated methods
    • Elevate the system into a 3D model
    • Draw a 3D riser detail
    • Derive the hydraulic calculations automatically from the drawing file
    • Derive the fabrication list automatically from the drawing
    • Prepare the drawing for coordination in Navisworks
    • Plot the drawing for submittal

Training Schedule:

  • 1 hour kickoff session (week 1 (Tuesday))
  • 5 x 2.5 hour sessions - 10am-12:30pm EDT + Q&A time
    • 2 sessions (week 1) May 11, 12

    • 2 sessions (week 2) May 18,19

    • 1 session (week 3) May 25

  • 1 finishing up and Q&A - 10am-12:30pm EDT (week 3) May 26

*scheduled days and dates will be emailed with class details


Registration ends Friday May 6th at Noon.


  • First Registered Student - $1,000 USD
  • Additional Registered Students - $500 USD/student
  • Auditors within the same company - Free! (No registration needed)

* Class fee must be prepaid before the class start date.

The registered student will receive a certificate of completion at the end of classes based on active participation. There is no limit to the number of viewers from each company.

Additional students from the same company can register for the same training series for $500 each and will receive a certificate of completion and graded homework.


Registration ends Friday May 6th at Noon.

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